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Romain Lecoq from Headwar interviewed me exactly one year ago for his zine TRANSYLVANNNIE.  The zine includes interviews with Brainbombs, Judas Donneger, Noir Boy George, plus a collection of poetry and prose including “an odd story of ‘class hate’ around the subject that every art professor must be sterilized”.  The majority of the text is written in French except for the Brainbombs and Timeghost sections.  If you would like a printed version, write to Romain in his abandoned presbytery outside of Toulouse at deuilpourdeuil {at} yahoo {dot} fr  We toured the Eastern U.S. together in 2010 and Headwar remains one of my favorite live noise rock bands.

12|7|13 at MWM

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This Saturday, December 7th
at Machines with Magnets Studio
400 Main St, Pawtucket RI

Doors at 9pm, showtime by 10. $7 to get in.
A night of ambient sound, rhythmic electronics, songform and theatrics.
Sending some dear friends off on their way:

Dungeon Master of SHV
New Industrial rhythm moniker with exquisite track on the compilation “Crawling in Blue Traffic” on Providence’s youngest obscure imprint, Wasp Video Roadhouse. Kiss the whip.
video: http://vimeo.com/53721522

Ambient Dub bliss from Jesse Allen of Hollow Seed, Cathode Terror Secretion, Cowards, Gold Eater, The Hill’s Eye
New LP out on NNA, performing with video projections by Jackie Scelia
interview and complete LP listen: http://adhoc.fm/post/migrations-rust/

Noise, Esoteric synthesis, Theremins, Datura, sometimes box fans
Hanson Records
video: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=TTsGQwNi3xU

Nick Pace from Cowards & The Hill’s Eye
Heavy digital synth Noise with processed samples & guitar
video: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ishIS4LhNEY

Phantom of many faces, storyteller and song writer
Leaving Providence… last show in town for a while, sadly.
Electronic music and performance that often induces weeping
listen: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=1N3encaS1wA

Glad to have a mostly mellow show with good friends to cap off an intense and sad week.  Many in Providence and abroad lost  a dear friend this week.
Ending early enough to hit Xanadon’t at the end of the night for dancing, if you’re feeling restless as well.


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Progress is picking back up on recording material for the Timeghost LP, due out early 2014.  It’s taken 2 days to set up a studio in my Grandmother’s old house in the woods of Coventry, Connecticut.  The house has been empty for years and the tracks are being recorded in front of the window (behind the curtain) overlooking the lake.  This is where we set up her bed in which she succumbed to cancer in 2001.  Have been taking trips across the lake to the cemetery where she is buried.  It’s a very charged but serene atmosphere.

The house is mostly comprised of one large room, with a small bathroom and bedroom off to the side.  Built in 1940, it was restored in the late 70′s from a humble state by my Grandfather, using mostly salvaged materials.  It is built on top of a pile of exposed boulders still visible in the cellar.  The house is being sold soon and I take great pleasure in recording here. Possibly my last visit.


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Grateful to all have supported and attended recent shows.  I’ve felt threadbare and eager to get back into the studio.  I survived RISD, Salem, Maine, and Pawtucket, on to Boston tonight where the show with Clay Rendering has been moved to Great Scott.  Come have a drink with me!

In other news, there’s a new Timeghost track featured on this great mix made by Valerie Martino (Unicorn Hardon) for the Italian site Concepto.  Listen here: https://soundcloud.com/conceptoradio/concepto-mix-144-unicorn-hard/s-IVpAI

It’s a rhythmic track made entirely from modular synth improvisation. I used 3 Doepfer A-110 oscillators, a Make Noise Maths, a Hex Inverter VCNoiz, a Pittsburgh Analog Delay, and a Doepfer A-140 Envelope Generator. Track starts at 40:18, but do yourself a favor and listen to the whole thing:

Lack – Eminence Grise

Profligate – Can’t Stop Shaking

Humanbeast – Nightgown

Container – Saturated

Unicorn Hard-On – Mysterious Prism

Laser Poodle – Track 1 (Tour Release 2013)

Timeghost – Pharaoh Island (kong mix)

Form A Log – Out of Order / Case Closed

Farewell My Concubine – Spew

Unicorn Hardon’s terrific new LP, Weird Universe, is out now on the Spectrum Spools label. Look it up and grip a copy.


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Thanks to all who came out to play and attend the ZEIT NIGHTS this past July, it was a ball.  It would never have happened in the same way ANYWHERE else other than Machines With Magnets Studio.  A very special thanks to Seth, Keith, Tom, Craig, and the whole staff!

This Thursday, August 29th Timeghost has been invited to perform at The Rhode Island School of Design’s Museum of Art as a part of an exhibition of local creativity.  The event will be a special 4-hour, 4-channel audio/video surround sound performance located in the Museum’s Benefit Street entryway.  Admission to the museum is $12 but if you drop me a line soon, I can put as many people on my guest list as I want.  All are welcome.

There will be an abbreviated encore of this piece at Dungeon C on the following Saturday, August 31st.  The lineup for the show is Nautical Almanac, Fat Worm of Error, and Brown Recluse Alpha.  Very excited for this show.

Other upcoming shows:

9/28: SONORIUM at Griffen Theatre in Salem, Massachusetts http://www.sonorium.net

10/4 & 5: Gala Idioglossilalia & Symbolism Colluquy at Kingdom Falls in Belfast, Maine

10/9: with Clay Rendering (ex-Wolf Eyes, Hair Police) and Pool (CF, Schofield, Tominsky) at Machines with Magnets in Pawtucket, Rhode Island

11/2: with Bbigpigg somewhere in Providence, Rhode Island

Upcoming releases:

Timeghost will finish recording an LP for Load Records this October.  Heading out to a quiet cabin on a lake to record in isolation.  Look for the LP in the late Winter/early Spring of 2014, as well as a proper website to be announced here on this blog.

Still available:

TIMEGHOST – Threshole 45

Recorded last May 2013 for tour with Bernard Herman and Luke Moldof.  45 minute cassette of unreleased material ranging from silence to complete saturation, rhythmic electronics and total noise.  Available at upcoming shows and via Paypal/mailorder.  Email your coordinates to adam dot morosky at gmail dot com.

…and 14 seconds in Carrboro, North Carolina:


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Machines with Magnets invited CVSS to book shows on each Saturday night of this  July, 2013. Every show starts with a Timeghost-related project and begins on time. Shows cost $7 and host regional performers in Industrial, Noise, Neo-folk, Punk, Techno, and live video manipulation.  Click on the performers below for links.

JULY 6th – 9:00pm

JULY 13th – 9:00pm

JULY 20th – 10:00pm

JULY 27th – 9:00pm

Huge 32″x42″ 3-color-screen-printed posters available at each show for $15-$25 (see below)


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April 6th at Forbes Street, Worcester MA
April 13th at 204 Westminster, Providence
April 18th at Dungeon C, Providence
April 25th at PR Matrix Hex, Providence
April 26th at Raw Meet 10, Allston MA

May 2013 – Eastern U.S. tour with Luke Moldof
dates with ‘*’ still to be confirmed, get in touch to book us
5/9 Providence
5/10 Fitness Gallery NYC
5/11 Bed Stuy NY at Jack Callahan’s house
5/12 Public Assembly NYC
5/13 ?
5/14 Kingsessing Street, Philadelphia PA
5/15 Baltimore MD*
5/16 Carrboro NC
5/17 & 18 Savage Weekend NC
5/19 Asheville NC*
5/20 Tennessee*
5/21 Saint Louis MO*
5/22 Chicago*
5/23 Michigan*
5/24 Columbus OH*
5/25 Cleveland OH*
5/26 Buffalo or Rochester NY*

for more information on locations of these shows, or to help book a show on this tour send an email:

adam dot morosky at gmail dot com


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2/28: @ The Hill’s Eye. 770 Bay Rd, Belchertown MA with Toe Ring, Hollow Seed, & Luminous in Nummer
3/1: @ Soundlab. 110 Pearl St, Buffalo NY with UVB-76 & Ay Fast
3/2: @ Knight Club. 2 Pine St, Alfred NY
3/3: @ 53 3rd Street, Troy NY


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2nd pressing of new Timeghost VHS “DIFRAKT” now available while supplies last at upcoming shows and in stock at Analog Underground, Providence.  Limited to 30 copies on yellow VHS.

An audio release with synchronized light beamed out of the video screen.  $12 a copy.  If you’re in Providence, give me $25 and I’ll throw in a VCR.  Seriously.